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Almost three years ago I was working as a Registered Dental Assistant during the day and a local restaurant at night. One evening I waited on my current manager Robin. After the dining experience she handed me her business card and offered me a job. I never called her about the opportunity because like many others, I had a common misconception about what a manufactured home is. Fast forward two years later. I was working at the same dental office, but a different restaurant. Robin came in and even though we felt like we may have met before, we could not figure out from where. Needless to say, at the end of her dining experience she pulled out the same card I had received two years prior and offered me a job. I got the biggest smile on my face and asked if she remembered me from two years ago. We were both shocked that the same scenario had presented itself! I believe everything happens for a reason and could not deny the fact that this had come back into my life two years later. I agreed to go the Home Center the next day. As Robin walked me into the first home I was in disbelief. "THIS is a manufactured home?!" I accepted the job offer and every day become more and more passionate about my new career. I have an amazing opportunity to help people with one of the biggest purchases of a lifetime, a home. Clayton is a extraordinary company and we strive for excellence. I am honored to be a part of this team and look forward to helping you with your housing needs so please come see me! :)

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